Much like Human Immunodeficiency Virus is in people, felines can be infected with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, or FIV, through transfer of blood or sexual contact. We have a comprehensive article on the virus HERE, or else you can read these few bits of information about the cats in the slideshow above:

  • FIV cannot be transferred to other species, including humans and canines.


  • Once a cat is spayed/neutered, the chances of a FIV+ cat spreading the disease is minimal. This is because unneutered male cats have the tendency to fight with other male cats, and reproduce with females. When a cat is neutered, this tendency lessens or becomes non-existant.


  • FIV+ cats cannot transfer the virus to other cats through general contact or saliva.


  • FIV+ cats can live relatively normal lives. We have many senior FIV+ cats at the Rescue! Those who have an FIV+ cat in their lives should be aware that, like humans with HIV, positive cats are more susceptible to illness. This chance lessens if the cat is kept indoors and away from other potentially ill animals.


  • Each cat is different. We may recommend that one FIV+ cat not be placed with other negative cats, or likewise an FIV+ cat that is a female or non-fighter may enjoy the company of FIV- cats in the home.


  • By adopting an FIV+ cat, you’re saving a life that would otherwise not have a home, and helping alleviate the myths of the disease.
If you'd like to give one of these FIV+ cats a home, you can fill out our application here, and call Dawn at (717) 993-3232x224.