If you’ve visited our Cattery, you were almost assuredly greeted by Pixel. This sweet black and white mustachioed boy  has made Animal Rescue, Inc. his home for the past 9 years. Pixel was brought to us as a kitten and, because of his undesirable litter box habits, never found a home of his own. In addition to being cuddled and loved, one of Pixel’s favorite activities was marking his territory - anywhere and everywhere. Despite his quirks, Pixel warmed his way into each and every heart he met, and he quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite.

Over the years, Pixel developed chronic urinary tract infections during which he would strain to pee. Fortunately, these infections would respond to vet care and medication. Until one day in late September when Pixel became completely blocked and unable to pass any urine on his own. Without immediate veterinary intervention, blocked cats can die.


Pixel was rushed to Main Street Veterinary Hospital in Reisterstown, MD. Much to our dismay, catheratization and medications were not helping Pixel pass urine. An emergency perineal urethrostomy (or P.U.) surgery had to be performed. This surgery reroutes and widens a male cat’s urethra making further blockages unlikely. We were hopeful this surgery would  correct his inability to pee.


Days after his surgery, Pixel was still unable to urinate on his own. The vets at Main Street contacted a specialty veterinarian at VCA Hospital to determine what steps to take next in Pixel’s treatment. Pixel was scheduled to go to VCA for follow-up treatment and a possible additional surgery.


After being evaluated by Dr. Snakard, one of the specialists at VCA Hopsital, Pixel was tried on a slew of medications, and when those didn’t help, Pixel had to undergo yet another surgery. It was not clear if Pixel would ever be able to pee on his own again. After all of this, this sweet boy’s future was looking dismal.

Despite all Pixel had gone through by this point, he was still his loving, chirping self. Two very dedicated, compassionate volunteers made it their mission to visit Pixel nearly every day to maintain his spirits while away from his home. Pixel even won the affections of the vets and techs alike at Main Street and VCA with his chipper, easy-going attitude.

Finally, almost a month after this ordeal began, Pixel dribbled a few drops of urine on his own. No one has ever been so excited over a few drops a pee! Over the next couple of days, Pixel continued to make progress. However, because of the surgeries Pixel had to go through, his aftercare would be too much for the caretakers at the Rescue. Worried all of Pixel’s troubles were for naught should he come back to the rescue, we received the best news we could have hoped for -- an experienced vet tech from Main Street was interested in adopting Pixel!


After nine years of being an Animal Rescue, Inc. resident, today Pixel is loving life and being lavished with attention and care in his forever home. Without the incredible support of a few very dedicated volunteers, Pixel could not have received the spectacular care he did. In total, Pixel’s veterinary bill reached a grand total of $10,000. Through the generosity of few, we have covered the bill!